Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dr. Mantena's Summer Special - Cucumber Lemonade

Dear Friends, I have been uploading a special drink every summer if you remember. We throng to juice centres to enjoy special drinks and juices to beat the heat.  In this fast paced world making a juice at home is a hectic thing. But if you have little patience we can make wonderful summer drinks at home that serves taste as well as health. If you observe the juice stalls you find unhygienic atmosphere around with flies all over. You can make and serve some healthy and hygienic drinks at home for the entire family. There is no better drink than water to quench the thirst and no better fluid supplement than water for your body. But the cunning mind ask for something cool and sweet when exposed to sun and heat during summer. Children don't drink water unless they are too thirsty. These juices are just to cheat the cunning mind and take water in the form of juices.

Today I have come up with a easy and quick to make kind of juice popularly known as 'Cucumber Lemonade'. It hardly takes ten minutes to make and is really healthy and tasty as well. So, Let's go into the ingredients and making without wasting any time.


Cucumber              -        2 nos.
Lemon                   -        2 nos.
Honey                   -        1 Cup

Making Time        -        5 minutes.

Servings              -        2 people


1. Take two tender cucumbers, peel off the skin, chop them into pieces and put them in the blender of mixer grinder as shown in the picture below. Cut the side edges of the cucumber and throw them away as they may taste bitter.
2. Squeeze two lemons into the mixer grinder.
3. Now finely grind the cucumber in a blender or grinder and take it in bowl/vessel as shown in the picture below. If the cucumber is tender it contains more water and less pulp.
 4. Now add a cup of honey and stir well.
5. Add a glass of cool mud pot water into the pulp and stir well. Your delicious and healthy cucumber lemonade is ready. Enjoy!
Keep watching the space for more updates.


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