Friday, April 10, 2015

Dr. Mantena's Special - Nuvvulu Phalli Vundalu

Hello Friends, today’s special in Dr. Mantena’s Kitchen is “Nuvvulu Phalli Vundalu”. This is a traditional sweet of Andhra and Telangana people. But unfortunately these healthy sweets have been replaced by unhealthy market made sweets today. The situation is worst in metro cities. Today’s generation have either lack of time to prepare at home or not aware of them at all. Why to waste time in preparing all these stuffs when they are readily available in the market? Today, modern couples living in cities have no time to look after their new born babies, in such a situation how is it possible to make all these extracurricular activities? But do remember one thing; a businessman never keeps your health in mind while selling his product.  All he wants is to make profit out of it and he will not think for even a second to add any harmful product in bringing taste to it.

Keeping the concerns of today’s busy people, I have decided to bring up this easy to make sweet at home in no time. You can make this on any holiday and store in air tight container.  Let’s see what we need to make this healthy and nutrition rich sweet.

Preparation time            :           15-20 minute

No of Vundas                  :           10-12


1.  Sesame Seeds              -        1 Cup

2. Peanuts                        -        ½ Cup

3. Deseeded Dates             -        1 Cup

4. Split Cashew                  -        10-15 nos.

5. Honey                           -        2 tbs

6. Cardamom                    -        5 nos.

We need only six of these mines of nutrients. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium and I don’t think any other food item can match sesame seeds in terms of calcium. People suffering from joint problems must consume sesame seeds regularly especially women above 40. Peanuts are rich in potassium, proteins and fats required for strength and stamina. It is a great substitute for cashew and therefore it is considered as the cashew of poor people. Dates again are rich in potassium, iron, calcium and many other nutrients that are required for healthy metabolism. Cashews are rich in proteins and fats again. Honey is a rich nutritive food.

Preparation Method:

The overall preparation involves 3 steps: roasting, grinding and making.

1.  Roast the sesame seeds and peanuts till brown separately and keep them in respective bowls as shown in the pictures below.


2.  Now grind the sesame seeds in a mixer grinder into paste. Sometimes the oil content in sesame seeds will be high and sometimes will be low. If it is oily, it looks sticky as in the picture below otherwise it will be dry. No worries, both will work.


3. Roast the peanuts and grind them into crystals as shown below. Peanut crystals give a crunchy taste to the sweet.

4. Grind the deseeded dates into a fine paste as shown in the picture below. Add two table spoons of honey while grinding as the dates sometimes will be too dry to grind. Adding honey to dates will also help in making the vundas soft and easy.


5. Now add the sesame, peanut and dates paste into a plate and mix them well to make dough as shown in the picture below. Adding cardamom powder will give great aroma to it.


6. Later make the roll of the dough and cut into equal parts as shown in the picture.


7. Now the final task of making the vundas. Take the cut pieces of the dough and press them with your hand making round balls as shown below.

So the delicious, healthy and nutritious nuvvulu phalli vunda is ready.  Season the vundas with split cashews and store them. Use daily one vunda as a calcium supplement.

I hope you like this post. Keep watching the space for more updates.


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