Saturday, May 30, 2009

Introduction of Mantena's Kitchen


Before moving ahead with my blog, I feel it essential here to introduce about Mantena’s Kitchen. What exactly is this? What can be expected here? Who are supposed to find this blog interesting?

Before this, I would like to briefly introduce about Mantena Satyanarayana Raju first. This is because he is the main hero of our blog. He is a famous Naturo Therapist from the State of Andhra Pradesh. From the past 15 Years he has been doing a wonderful job in spreading awareness on good health by his preaching “Natural Ways of Living”. He has now become a household figure appearing on TV every day preaching on his sutra of Natural Ways of Living to keep the society healthy and happy. His popularity over internet is also increasing as the day passes by. Such is the service he is doing to the society and mankind. To know more about Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju, visit my blog and look out for a post on introduction to Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju.

What is Mantena’s Kitchen all about?

In Naturopathy seven elements or flavours of tastes like Salt, Sugar, Ghee, Oil, Tamarind, Red Chilly Powder and Spices are considered as the obstructers of good health. Therefore, Naturopathy strictly recommends the prohibition of these sources of tastes in any form of food in order to stay healthy. If any one goes to a Naturopathic Ashram, he will be given only boiled vegetables as food. The treatment first starts with Enema. But no tablet, fluid or injection is given for Enema. The patient is kept on fasting for a couple of days on lime juice with honey and lots of water throughout the day according to a fixed schedule. After fasting for 3 or 4 days, he will be provided with boiled vegetables without any salt. The patient might find it difficult to eat in the beginning but later he gets used to it gradually.

Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju realized an interesting fact here. As long as the patient is at the Ashram, he is successfully eating the boiled vegetables because, there is no other food cooked in the Ashram and the same food is served to all the patients out there. The atmosphere in the Ashram too makes him eat it without problems. But when the patient goes home after getting cured in the Ashram he follows the same food a month or so but not more than that. The reason is very simple. When his family members eat all those tasty stuff cooked with oil, salt, spices, he cannot sustain from eating those boiled vegetables alone for long. So he gets back to eating normally cooked food with his family members, inviting the problems to his health again. It is because of this reason Naturopathy has become less popular when compared to other forms of medicines. Naturopathy’s success depends on patient’s will to continue eating what he was taught in the Ashram. Dr. Raju realized that great Rishis (saints) of our olden days have left out to forests, only because, they realized it’s not possible to achieve their goals staying at home. When those great saints couldn’t follow the Natural Ways of Living by staying at home, how come a common man follows such a strict diet routine? He therefore, introduced a new way of cooking dishes. That is Mantena’s Kitchen. He experimented and introduced all those tasty and delicious varieties of food cooked in every household in the state of Andhra Pradesh without using any oil, ghee, salt, sugar, tamarind, red chilly powder and spices. You might wonder how! Well… the trick is simple; he used the natural substitutes of those sources. It took him years to learn cooking such food. You will know all these things in detail when I start publishing the recipes in my coming updates.

People looking out for tasty deep oil fried and masala (spices) studded food will certainly be disappointed with this blog. I still hope even such people would try out these recipes and enjoy the way of living naturally. People who are health conscious, who wants to correct their diet for living healthy and naturally may find it useful. The recipes that are going to be published here are a part of Dr. Mantena’s Natural Ways of Living. If you try out these dishes you would really know how much effort this man has put on to cook each and every dish.

Why is this blog for?

You may wonder when Mantena Satyanarayana Raju is doing such a wonderful job in preaching Natural Ways of Living, what is the need for this blog? There are two reasons for it. Though Dr. Raju has been preaching intensively throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh and giving TV programs on various Telugu channels, I felt his preaching has been subjected to a boundary of Telugu speaking people. When I asked some Hindi speaking friends of mine, they find him hard to understand due to language barriers. Because of such a small barrier I realized that his valuable preaching is not reaching all the sections of the society. Then I got an Idea of writing a blog explaining his preaching in English so that I could at least try to fill the gap in between Dr. Raju and non Telugu speaking people. With this aim I happened to write a blog on Natural Ways of Living and then after a few days I have decided to include his recipes as well, which are a part of his Natural Ways of Living. Any day if I happen to meet Dr. Raju I would surely suggest him to create programs on TV in other languages and air them on electronic media across the nation on a large scale basis. Another reason is that I had found Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s popularity over internet as well. The number of videos of Dr. Mantena uploaded in You Tube is the proof of his popularity. But the problem is the information available on web regarding his efforts is very less when compared to his grand endeavour. I therefore decided to take up the task and write a little I have learned by listening and reading his preaching.

In this blog I shall bring out the various dishes cooked by Dr. Mantena. Apart from the recipes the space will include a section explaining the benefits of eating each and every dish cooked with all natural flavours. So, keep watching the space for updates….


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