Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dr. Mantena's Special - Raw Mango Coconut Chutney

Today’s Special in Dr. Mantena’s Kitchen is “Raw Mango Coconut Chutney”. The King of fruits ‘Mango’ is back again and is at the peak of its youth. I am talking about the raw Mango. People especially in the south of India use raw mangoes for making pickles with lots of salt, masalas, oil and red chily powder. They preserve these pickles for longer periods of time and consume inviting all sorts of diseases and disorders like high blood pressure, cholesterol, gastritis, ulcers, and heart attacks etc.

What I am going to show you today is a healthy and delicious recipe which invites no diseases but boosts your overall health and immunity system. It is very simple to make and great to serve with idli, dosha and phulkas. Without wasting much time let us now know about the ingredients and making procedure.

Making Time:

5 to 10 minutes


4 persons


1. Raw Mango                             -       1 medium size
2. Putana / roasted chickpeas        -       1 cup
3. Raw Coconut                           -       ½ pieces
4. Green Chilies                           -        5-10 nos.
5. Coriander Leaves                     -        1 bunch
6. Curry Leaves                           -        5-6 nos.


1. Pour Putanas in a mixer grinder and grind them into powder.

2. Undress the raw mango and chop it into small pieces and add in to the jar of a mixer grinder. 

3. Make small pieces of raw coconut and add in to the jar of a mixer grinder as well.


4. Finally add green chilies, coriander leaves and curry leaves in the jar of a mixer grinder, add little water into it and make a thick batter.


5. Now the chutney is ready to serve.

By now you might have understood that we have not used any of the seven harmful tastes like salt, sugar, oil, ghee, tamarind, red chili powder and masalas. Raw coconut gives a sweet and raw mango gives tangy sour taste to your tongue. Putanas provide a perfect balance in the sweetness of Coconut and sourness of Mango. Green chilies add spice to it giving a great flavor to the chutney. Believe me; your tongue will not seek salt anymore.

Enjoy this chut-patee, tangy-spicy chutney with idli, dosha and phulka. In the next update I try to come up with South Indian Dosa Dr. Mantena Style. So keep watching the space for updates.


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