Friday, May 13, 2016

Dr. Mantena's Summer Special - Butter Milk

Hello Friends! I am back with yet another summer special - a Tangy Butter Milk. Butter Milk in India is known by different names. Chaas in Hindi, Majjiga in Telugu, Majjige in Kannada, Mor in Tamil, Ghola in Bengali and Taak in Marathi etc. Unlike the names, the process of making this drink is common in every state. It is a very simple drink with less ingredients consuming less time. It only needs some yoghurt, water and salt. Adding sugar instead of salt makes it a Lassi, which is popular in Punjab.

It is one of the major drinks served in every part of India during summer. It is a regular drink in rural India.

I recently been to Sinhgarh fort, 30 kilometers away from Pune, Maharashtra with some of my friends. Apart from exploring the view of nature and the glory of Sivaji Maharaj we cherished the 'masala taak - a tangy butter milk' sold by the local villagers. It was spicy and tangy butter milk sold in earthen pots. They have added green chilies, mint, coriander leaves, black salt and cumin seeds to it. Apart from spices the yoghurt stored in earthen pot with pure creamy buffalo milk was giving great taste to the butter milk.

So today's special in Dr. Mantena's Kitchen is " a masala taak - a tangy butter milk" with Dr. Mantena's twist. So get ready to note the ingredients.


1. Yoghurt               -        500 gms
2. Mint Leaves          -        10 nos.
3. Coriander leaves   -        small bunch
4. Cumin seeds        -        1 tea spoon.

Serving:  5 glasses


1. Take a blender or mixer grinder and pour the yoghurt in it.


2. Roast the cumin seeds and crush into fine paste using a mortar pestle.


3. Add this crushed cumin seeds and mint leaves into the jar and blend it for some time.

4. Now pour the blended yoghurt in a big vessel and add 1 litre chilled water from a earthen pot and your tangy butter milk is ready. Some people strain the butter milk as the small pieces of coriander and mint leaves come in the way to your throat. It is completely optional to strain as I personally prefer not to strain.

A sour yoghurt is ideal for making this drink as we are not using any kind of salt. Buttermilk with salt increases the thirst instead of decreasing it. If it is too sour adjust the taste by adding some more water. So, enjoy your summer by drinking this kind of drinks to beat the heat.

This is an ideal drink after having a meal of wheat phulkas, rotis made of jowar and ragi as the water contents in these foods is less compared to rice meals as we use dal, sambar, rasam etc.

Before concluding let me make it clear that only water can quench the thirst and there is no match for water in this regards. During summer, we normally drink more water but not enough. Since the body easily gets dehydrated we need to replenish the level of water in the body. These juices and drinks are just to deceive the cunning mind and send water into the body. These are very useful tricks to hydrate children and adults even.

This is it for now. Keep watching the space for more updates.


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