Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dr. Mantena's Special - Minumu Vadiyalu

Hello Friends! Today's update in Dr. Mantena's kitchen is something special for summer. The Sun is terrifying people with its heat these days as the temperature in most parts of India has crossed over 42. People are trying various ways and means to beat this summer heat. People are trying different types of fluids and juices to beat the heat. On the other hand there are some other people who are taking advantage of this heat of the Sun. Many ladies in Andhra and Telanga states are busy in making appadams and vadiyams etc. You got it right; today's update is related to one of these. I am bringing before you the 'summer special - Minumu Vadiyalu' in Dr. Mantena style.

Minumu vadiyams are prepared during summer in many parts of India. It is known by different names in different parts and languages. This is not actually a dish or recipe. We don't have to cook anything here. These vadiyams are left to dry in the sun. They are quite handy when you don't have enough vegetables at home or when the vegetable prices soar up. They can be stored and used in different curries throughout the year. I will try to update few varieties of recipes adding these vadiyams in future updates. So without wasting much time let us try to know the ingredients required for this summer special item.


Black grams (Minumulu)       -        1/2 Kg
Black Pepper                       -        1/2 cup
Fennel                                -        1/2 cup
green chilies                        -        1 cup

Method of Preparation:

1. Take 500 grams of whole black grams in a bowl and soak in water for 10-12 hours. It is ideal to soak at night. Next morning, rinse the grams with water and keep it a side. People generally use de-husked black grams for making vadiyams. We are using whole black grams as they are rich in protein, potassium, calcium, Iron and fiber.

2. Grind the rinsed grams in a blender or mixer grinder. Remember not to grind into fine paste but leave small granules of the dall. These granules give cracking taste when cooked. After grinding take it in an open vessel and keep it aside.

3. Now take 1/2 cup of black pepper, fennel and a cup of green chilies and grind them as well without making a thin paste as mentioned above. People use plenty of salt, red chili powder and various masalas to make it tasty. We are not using any of these items here. Black Pepper and Fennel is also optional. I opted because it is giving great taste and aroma when curries are cooked mixing this without oil, ghee, tamarind, salt, red chilies etc.


3. Now mix this grinded powder into the paste of black grams and mix well.


4. Now take a broad steel vessel and make small balls of grinded mixture all over it and let it dry in the sun for couple of days. Two to three days of drying is enough in April and May as the Sun is at the peak. You can use any kind of broad board placing a thin cloth over it. Do not use plastic to dry them.


5. Two days later, the vadiyams are ready to be stored and cooked whenever you want.

Keep watching the space for more updates. 


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