Monday, November 16, 2015

Dr. Mantena's Diwali Special - Kobbari Laddu

Hello friends I am back with yet another healthy and nutritious Diwali dessert. Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets. One cannot imagine celebrating Diwali without any of these two things. Different varieties of sweets and desserts are prepared during Diwali all over India. Sweets and desserts are symbol of the taste for celebrating life. But the same taste has become a threat to life these days. 

Earlier sweets were made in every household, where taste and the health of family members would also taken care off. But now sweet making has become a big market for business and these budding sweet making houses have become a threat to the health of millions of people. 

These desserts were made and consumed only during important festivals in the past. As they are now readily available all the time at sweet houses, people stopped making them at home and are consuming without restrain. 

Let me remind you my dear friends, no business man will think about your health while making sweets. His whole aim would be to make tastier sweets and make more business. In order to make desserts better and tastier more and more quantity of oil, ghee, vanaspati, sugar etc are used. Today entire Nation is suffering from dangerous diseases and disorders like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart and Liver disorders etc due to over consumption of these items.

This blog is a small attempt to educate and encourage people to make easy and healthy recipes at home. This Diwali we made this wonderful dessert at home and believe me it came up really well and everyone enjoyed it. So, today's special in Dr. Mantena's Kitchen is - "Diwali Special Kobbari Laddu."

Making time :            20 - 25 minutes

Serving          :           10-12 laddus


Coconut                            -        1 big size
Dates                               -        1 cup
Cardamom                        -        5 nos.
Cashew                            -        10 - 12 nos
Raisins                             -        1/4 cup
Honey                              -        1 small cup

Look at the ingredients there, all of these ingredients are rich in nutrition and there is no harmful item in it. And don't worry about the taste at all. These Laddu's are going to taste amazing.


1. Breakdown the raw coconut and scrape into small pieces as shown in the picture below. 

2. Dry roast the scraped coconut in a non-stick pan until the moisture evaporates and turns slightly brown as shown in the picture below.

3. Remove the seeds from the dates and grind them into paste along with raisins and dry roasted cashews. The sweetness of dates, tanginess of raisins and the classic taste of cashew make the laddus richer.

4. Now add roasted coconut, grounded cardamom and honey into the paste and mix well. Coconut makes the laddu crunchy, cardamom provides great flavor and aroma and honey gives mouth watering taste.


5.Then take small quantity of mix in your hand and squeeze them into round balls of your desired size. So, the yummy and delicious Kobbari Laddus are ready.

You can make this kind of healthy laddus and store them for couple of weeks and serve them to your children on regular basis. In this way your children remain healthy and enjoy the dessert also.

Keep watching the space for more updates.


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