Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dr. Mantena's Special - Jackfruit Juice

Jackfruit is almost like an exotic fruit that has a unique and sweet aromatic flavor. It is exotic not only in terms of flavor and aroma but also in terms of physical appearance. The inner part of the fruit has bulb like pulps that contain seeds. The pulps are sweet when ripe and can be eaten right off the fruit. 

Jackfruit is another summer fruit gifted by the Nature. It is nutritionally rich, have anti-oxidants in them having unbelievable health benefits. 

So today’s Dr. Mantena Special is ‘Jackfruit Juice’. It is traditionally used to help treat asthma, skin problems, hyper-tension and to fight certain types of cancers. The juice is also believed to help get rid of other body problems like jaundice, indigestion, pneumonia and hypoglycemia. So without wasting anytime further lets go into preparation details.


Jackfruit bulbs                   -        1 cup

Milk                                 -        ½ cup

Water                              -        1 glass

Honey                              -        1 tbs

Servings                          -        2

Preparation: It is a very simple recipe that can be made in no time.

1. Take 1 bowl of jackfruit and remove the seeds from it.

2. Add the deseeded fruit, half a cup of milk and a glass of water in a jar and grind into a pulpy juice

3. The healthy nutritious and a delicious jackfruit juice is ready. Adding honey is optional. If you need little more sweet, you can add honey.

It is rich in fiber and potassium which helps in free bowel movement and providing energy to the body.

So guys don’t miss this wonderful juice. Keep watching the space for more updates.


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