Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mantena's Special - Tomato Nuvvula Chutney

Today’s special in Dr. Mantena’s Kitchen is ‘Tomato Nuvvula Chutney’. Often preparing Dr. Mantena’s recipes consume lot of time but preparing Tomato Nuvvula Chutney is very easy and time saving. It can be easily made within 5 minutes and served with phulkas, vadas etc. If you are an ardent follower of Dr. Raju, then you might have noticed him using sesame seeds quite often. Sesame seeds are the richest source of Calcium required for the bones. It is also rich in insoluble fiber which helps in cleansing the intestines better. So, let us now go into the details of preparing it.


    1.    Sesame Seeds         -        50 gms
    2.    Tomatoes                -        2 Nos.
    3.    Green Chilies            -        4 Nos.
    4.    Lemon                    -        1 No.
    5.    Coriander Leaves      -        1 bunch
    6.    Curry Leaves           -        5 – 6 Nos.
    7.    Turmeric                 -        a pinch


    1.    Take 50 grams of sesame seeds and roast them in a pan till it turns brown. Care is to be taken not to over roast them as it turns bitter and under roasting will not give proper taste and aroma.

    2.    Grind the roasted sesame seeds in a mixer grinder into fine powder.

    3.    Chop 2 tomatoes, green chilies, coriander leaves, curry leaves, a pinch of turmeric etc. and add it in the jar of sesame seeds and grind it into a fine paste.

    4.    Extract juice from 1 big size lemon and add to the paste.

    5.    The spicy tinge chutney is now ready to be served with hot phulkas or vadas.


If you are new to Dr. Mantena’s recipes, the tongue obviously look out for the taste of the salt. However the lemony and spicy flavor of the chutney can help you eat the phulkas and vadas without any trouble. 

When Dr. Raju first gave a call to abandon the use of salt in food, everyone thought he was crazy as it was a new thing for many people. No one believed that one can cook food without salt; more importantly eating food without salt was out of imagination. Look at his followers now? His followers are in large numbers not only in India but across the World. And this number is growing larger every day.

Earlier, the doctors used to ask the heart and BP patients to reduce salt in their food for safety. But they were afraid to say how less the salt should be because they don’t want to lose their patients. But these days even the big corporate hospitals are advertising on mega hoardings asking people to consume salt not more than 1 gm a day. Thanks to Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju for that. Is it not the impact of Dr. Raju’s teachings that these people have come up to say consumption of salt above 1 gm a day is harmful? Even if you believe these doctors, you are not supposed to consume 1 gm salt per day. Are you consuming salt anywhere near to this quantity? Just think! I don’t think even the doctors who are advertising these hoardings will do either. It is because we are badly conditioned to eat food cooked in salt. We have become slave to the salt which is taking control all over our nervous system and internal organs and spoiling them gradually over a period of time. By the time we realize it is too late.

The only way to overcome this problem is to understand the harm that is doing to our body and uncondition ourself from it. Being the Supreme of all beings, You must be ruling the salt and not the salt rule you. You must grow to such an extent that you add salt in food only when you want but not always in terms of the salt. It is obviously difficult to sacrifice the salt immediately and completely because we have been conditioned to have food with salt and huge amounts of salt ever since we began eating our food. Therefore we need to gradually train ourselves to overcome this unhealthy habit of eating salt by slowly reducing the quantity of salt we use in our food. 

Try to cook and eat food without salt at least once a week to begin with and gradually grow to such an extent that you avoid salt at least one meal a day whether breakfast, lunch or dinner without salt. I think this itself is an achievement. The things then change on its own after this.
I hope you are going to declare a salt holiday at least one time a week and begin your journey towards healthy living. Wish you all a very good luck and all the best!

Keep watching the space for more updates.


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