Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mantena's Special - Koorala Podi

Today’s special in Mantena’s Kitchen is Curry Powder (Koorala Podi). You may wonder what this Curry Powder is all about. Well…if you are a follower of Natural Ways of Living, you might be very well aware of seven enemies of health by now. If not remember, here are they - Salt, Oil, Ghee, Dry Red Chilly Powder, Tamarind Sour, Sugar or any other refined Sweet and Spices. How many of you cook without these elements of taste? Probably none! We all know these elements of taste are injurious to our health. Cooking particularly in India without these elements of taste is unimaginable. We Indians do not react unless we are paralyzed. We do not want to change our way of living until we suffer from health hazards like Blood Pressure, Diabetes and malfunction of heart, liver, kidney and many other problems. Every doctor advises his patient to reduce the use of Oil, Salt, Ghee, Dry Chilly Powder, Tamarind and Sugar. But Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju recommends putting an end to the use of these harmful elements of taste. For this Dr. Mantena has introduced a new way of living naturally and it’s called Natural Ways of Living. In Natural Ways of Living, he experimented and discovered many easy ways of cooking tasty food without those harmful elements of taste. His mantra is simple. Use the substitutes for those elements of tastes which are not harmful. Curry Powder is one such attempt. Curry Powder is an attempt to substitute the use of harmful masalas or spices in curries. So far, we have done enough. Let’s realize that fact and rectify our life style by following Natural Ways of Living for a happy and healthy life. In Natural Ways of Living Curry Powder is used as a substitute for masalas or spices. They not only give you the taste but also give you good health. The Curry Powder can be made in couple of ways. A couple of ways for preparing curry powder is explained here as below:


It is very simple to make but it tests your patience. You need to roast and grind each of the below mentioned seeds thoroughly. In this Groundnut plays a major role. We can say, it is a hero to our Curry Powder. Please pay attention the equation for quantity of each seed thoroughly.


1. Groundnuts (Veru Sanaga Pappu) - 4 cups

2. Split Chickpea Grams (sanaga pappu) - 2 cup

3. White Sesame Seeds (nuvvulu) - 1 cup

4. Split Black Gram (minapa pappu pottutho) - 1 cup

5. Curry Leaves - 1 cup

Making Procedure:

1. Thoroughly roast Groundnuts, Chickpea Grams, Black Grams and white sesame seeds. Dry the Curry Leaves in sun for couple of days or else you can even roast a little on pan. Roast all the seeds separately and keep them in separate bowls. This is because if you roast all at once, some seeds might over burn while some might not.

2. Now grind Chickpea Grams, Black Grams and Curry Leaves at once in a Mixer Grinder.

3. Add the Groundnuts and grind it. Later add the sesame seeds and grind it well. This is because groundnuts and sesame seeds produce oil while grinding. If all the ingredients were put to grind at once, it might stick to the blades and result in a paste. If your mixer is little small then grind each item separately and mix it later.

Our masala is ready now. Store it in a bottle and use it while as and when required. This masala is recommend for cooking fry items (natural fry without oil please). Make it a good habbit of preparing this kind of masala frequently. Do not make this powder in bulk. Prepare it sufficient for a week and repeat it afresh again.


Well… making this Curry Powder is no way different from the one explained above. The only difference here is the use of items and their combination. Here Chickpea Gram plays the lead role and Dry Mango Powder and Dry Green Chilly Powder are introduced.


1. Split Chick Pea Grams (Sanaga Pappu) - 4 Cups

2. Groundnuts (Verusanaga Pappu) - 2 cups

3. Curry Leaves (Curry Vepaku) - 1 cup

4. White Sesame seeds (Nuvvulu) - 1 cup

5. Dry Mango Powder or Amchoor (Endu Mamidi Podi) - 1 cup

6. Dry green chillies (Endu Pachi Mirpakaya) - 1 cup

Making Procedure:

1. The procedure is almost same. Roast the Groundnuts, Chickpea Grams and Sesame Seeds and keep them in a bowl separately.

2. Now grind Chickpea Grams, Dry Green Chilies and Curry Leaves in a mixer grinder.

3. Add Groundnuts and grind it for a while. Later, add Sesame Seeds and grind it well. Finally add grinned dry mango powder and mix it well.

Store the made powder in a bottle and use it as and when required. This masala is recommended for making curries which require some gravy and which needs little sour and spicy taste.

Hope you will try these nutritious and harmless substitutes for masalas at home and stay fit.


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